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New Plugins

New Plugins

Here is our latest to test!

If you want to test any of these plugins I will be uploading these upon request as I will be testing them out myself through out the month.


  • WP Google Maps- Create pins, on a map!
  • Bookly Pro- Amazing booking plugin (addons included)
  • Web 2.O Directory Plugin-
  • Ajax Search Pro- Live search feature
  • Jet Search- Live search feature
  • Jet Blog-
  • Loft Loader- Create custom loader screen
  • Life Mesh Addons-
  • Duplicator Pro- Easily migrate (transfer) a wp website to another site.


  • Deep Theme
  • Directories Pro
  • Directory Pro
  • Arka Host Theme
  • XStore Theme


I’ll also be uploading the videos that helped me to use the plugins very easily!

About Demetrio

I enjoy helping others formulate ideas, create products, build brands and of course design websites!

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