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How you can get a free domain name

How you can get a free domain name

I’ve always wanted a free website of my own as well!

I had to pay lots of money and time to figure out how to get you a free website with amazing features and easy accessibility. Well you get that with the plugins Elementor and the open source software application You can install many different themes that have special functionalities and more. The good part is I have a team willing to help you.

OK, but how do I just get a free domain name for my landing page, or complete site I got with my offer subscription?

Your choice of domain provider.

There are 2 ways of doing this.

  1. Domain name forwarding
  2. (NS) Name Server pointing
  3. WordPress configuration

The easiest way to do this is domain name forwarding. You can ask your domain name provider about how to do this or simply google it as we don’t know who your provider is. It is very simple, I mean a matter of 2 or 3 clicks.

The next option is not so easy since my team will need to provide you with a few details so you can plug in to your providers server pointing location.

  • Pick the domain you wish to point to our servers, then simply change the Name Servers to ours. (contact me at that time for info)

WordPress configuration

Some domain providers will have the option to point a WordPress site to another site with a few click of a buttons. You will need to ask your domain name provider if they have that option or contact our team to give you the right information for your provider. We’ve dealt with almost all of them before.

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